Salon Software

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Salon Software

Salon Software

Marg ERP presents a Salon management software with GST, which helps to control your Spa & Salon business’s operations efficiently. It does not just track your inventory with accuracy but also assists in billing, accounting, and scheduling clients’ appointments quickly.

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Main Features

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Appointment Scheduling

Make appointments for clients by date, time, and date to minimize the number of times customers wait at counters.

Shift Management

Design and determine multiple shifts of beauticians/staff members hourly day/date. Then assign tasks using automatic shift rotation.

Beauticians Records

Organize and manage the records of your employees, including their qualities, availability, and qualifications, and leave information in one place so that you never forget an appointment.

Client Record Management

Maintain a detailed history of client appointments, preferences for bookings, future appointments, and contact information.

Touch/ POS Integration

Experience and speedy billing thanks to Touch Screen POS integration. Review each day's reports and quickly keep track of your items and more.

Easy Payments & Receipt Printing

Make your payments more accessible by using multiple payment options and Online Banking. Print instant receipts and personalized invoices.

Stock & Sales Management

Keep track of the everyday collections, inventory, services, and product usage. Create re-order points to ensure you never run out of items.

Send Notifications & Reminders

Send reminders to customers about appointments, follow-ups, outstanding payments, etc., to boost sales by 30%.

Discount, Scheme & Loyalty Points

Get more customers by offering flexible Discounts, Schemes, Combo Offers, Reward Vouchers, Loyalty Points, and vouchers.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page

Salon Software