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Jewellery Software

Jewellery Software

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Main Features

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Barcode & RFID Billing

It is easy to accelerate and speed up the Billing process by simply scanning barcodes and RFID codes, and increase sales by 40 percent quickly. Split Tags at the Sale Point and make a separate tag.

Product Sorting

Manage Stock using the Product Catalogue using images carat, weight purity, item code, and stock summary. Valuation FIFO Average. Rate, G.P., Last Pur., Current Rate, etc.

Jewellery Insurance

You can get a custom insurance plan from O-Locker to protect your customers' gorgeous and treasured jewellery. Provide your customers with confidence and assist them in getting rid of the anxieties of jewellery debt.

Weighing Scale Attachments

Select even the smallest amount instantly with a single click on the weighing machine and manage stocks Gr.Wt./Net.Wt./Pcsbe smart when billing at the counter, thus reducing the chance of making mistakes by hand.

Bhav Cutting Management

It is easy to transact transactions with metals, including Gold, Silver,/Diamond. Manage Ledger accounts with metal and cash balance and receive the payments. Instantly reflect it in your account.

Chit Funds & Kitty

Keep track of Chit Funds Kitty & small schemes. Prepare monthly receipts (One or more payments) due installments list, adjustments to receipts in sales vouchers, customer details, and more using Marg Jewellery Software.

Managing Loyalty Points

Enhance the shopping experience for your customers by offering Marg Jewellery Software's inbuilt option to earn loyalty points, discounts, and privilege cards. Keep in touch and encourage your customers to shop with you.

Managing Repairs

You can easily create and issue a replacement or repair entry, a record of details, inventory, and date-wise reports once an item of damaged jewelry is received, making your customers' experience more pleasant.

Managing Karigars

Receive Receipts of the final products. Verify and simplify Karigar accounts based on various parameters (Gr.Wt. Fine Wt. , Dia./Stn Quality). Simple calculation of wastage/ labor with handling costs and setting costs.

Girvi / Mortgage Management

Receive goods & Issue money to Customers by the valuation. Give Transfer for Bank or any other third entity with Simple/Compound interest options. Printing of the complete Ledger, Girvi Loss Report, Separate Trial Balance for Girvi Parties, and much more.

Printing & Issuing Certificates

Print CGL certificate that includes an inscription of the certificate's owner, the certificate, the number of the certificate, gemstone/diamond properties (cut shape, form clarity, color, color carat weight), Gross weight of the piece of jewellery, SKU and the description.

Gold Hallmark Management

You can easily manage the Purchase and Sale catalog for Gold Hallmark Jewellery in Marg Jewellery Software. Under the government's regulations, Gold Hallmarking is mandatory for jewelers with a turnover of more than Rs. 40 Lac.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page

Jewellery Software