garment software

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Garment Software

Garment Software

Garment Software by Marg ERP allows you to grow your business at a rapid pace. Monitor the inventory levels, eliminate excess or understocked items, receive alerts for items not moving suppliers-wise, most profitable deals, discount and scheme management, and a myriad of reports to manage your Garment business efficiently.

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Main Features

Check out some of the significant reasons why you should consider our solution.

Easy & Fast Billing

Enhance the speed of billing by up to 40% through Scanning Barcodes MRP than etc. smart billing. Also, decrease the time customers wait at counters.

Stock Management

Keep track of your inventory of clothingand apparels by way of the type, article number Size and Category Gender, Style Color, and many more.

Touch/ POS Integration

Enjoy increased efficiency through Touch Screen POS integration. Check the daily report, effortlessly monitor your products and many more.

Salesman Commission Report

It is easy to produce Salesman Commission Report from Marg ERP Learn about margins for profit and determine your sales according to the profit margins.

Cash Drawer

With a sophisticated Cash Drawer management software, you can control transactions, cash flow and Profits. recorded on every sale with confidence.

Bills, O/s on WhatsApp

Invoices, Outstandings as well as Sales Analysis, Stock and more. and other reports directly to the customers via WhatsApp via Marg ERP Software.

Online Purchase Import

It is not necessary to feed manually purchases. Import bills in Excel or CSV format. Excel as well as CSV format to speed up the process with 100 100% accuracy. Find items/products by mapping them to existing items.

Schemes & Discounts

Increase the number of customers you can attract with multiple Discounts and Scheme options such as Item Discount, Bill Discount, Combo Offers etc.

Order Management

Advanced order management system for complete and partial orders, easy to display the catalog of products, speedy delivery of orders from the showroom to vendor, etc.

Loyalty Point System

Keep in touch and encourage your customer to keep shopping with you by offering Loyalty Points that can be used when they make their next purchase, for discounts that are heavy.

Multiple Payment Mode

Accept payments via cash or Credit Card, Debit Card Payment Wallets, Payment Banking etc., with regular Multi-unit billing, which helps to expand your all over.

GST Billing

Create price-sensitive GST invoices and push transactions into the GSTN website using Excel, JSON or CSV Format and File GST Returns directly.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page

Garment Software