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Managing a school can be challenging considering there are tons of aspects that you need to look after. Thus, you can try our solution.

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School Management Software

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Main Features

Check out some of the significant reasons why you should consider our solution.

Easy & Fast Billing

Enhance the speed of your billing by 40% using quick Searches, Shortcuts and Barcode Scanning, etc. Manage all purchases and sales processes Manage your invoices and bills and also keep track of the status of your payments.

GST Ready Solution

GST Return Filing and Billing is made simple with the Marg GST ready Retail Software. Filing GST Tax Returns TCS and TDS direct via Retail Software. Perform an Internal Audit to ensure 100 100% error-free reports.

Connected Banking

Enjoy online banking with Marg ERP integrated with ICICI Bank. You can manage all kinds of banking transaction i.e. NEFT, RTGS etc. as well as Auto-Bank Reconciliation to 140+ banks.

Touch Screen POS

Bill instantly and increase efficiency with the Touch Screen POS. Check every day reports. obtain the complete history of your customers, and monitor products with a single click, and more.

Cash Drawer

With a sophisticated Management System for Cash Drawers, you can manage the flow of cash on every transaction using security. Create user-friendly power and limits to manage cash transactions.

Barcode Management

Design & Print barcode labels to include SKUs and Serial No. Batch No. etc. Find products quickly using various types of barcode scanners as well as search options.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your stock, establish Reorders points, keep the inventory current, Marg Retail Software with inventory tracking can help you simplify your business in general.

Expiry Management

Keep record of the expired and near expiry products that are on your shelves. Return the items to the retailer before expiration and you can save up 20 percent of the losses.

Discounts & Schemes

Get more customers and increase the sales of your retail stores by offering multiple Discounts and Scheme options such as Item Discount and Bill Discount Combo Offers, etc.

Cashier and Home Delivery

Home delivery and cashier management feature give you total control over your business.

Loyalty Point

Make first-time customers your usual customers by re-engaging customers with personalized discounts, announcements about sales rewards points for loyalty that can be redeemed at the your next purchase.

Home Delivery

Order online and reduce customers ' waiting times at counters by offering a easy Home Delivery. offer 100% safety assurance.

Re-Order Management

Restock earlier making use of sales data from the past by using the Marg Reorder Management feature. Create re-order points for specific locations to make it easy to place orders.

Online Purchase Import

It is not necessary to feed manually purchases. Import bills in the format of Excel, CSV or PDF format to get time saved and ensure 100% precision. connect items and products to existing items.

e-Retail Web Application

Compare and view local distributors, along with products such as schemes, deals, etc. and make direct online purchases to them. Check the order status.

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School Management Software