Invoice Billing Software

It is a dedicated General Billing Solution for the Inventory Accounting-based industry. Click to know more in detail!

Invoice Billing

Invoice Billing Software

You can describe the solution as a GST-compliant inventory and accounting program. It allows you to create invoices quickly, manage your debtors’ finances and reconcile bank transactions, intelligently track the inventory quantity, create thousands of reports and MIS, and even file GST tax returns easily.

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Main Features

Check out some of the significant reasons why you should consider our solution.

Barcode & Fast Billing

Unmatched billing speed through Barcode scanning and defining shortcuts with intelligent search options such as category, brand name, etc.

Customer Profile Management

Allows customers/parties to keep track of all information, including their names, addresses, dates of birth, etc. Name, Address, Date Of Birth, etc.

Inventory Management

You can manage inventory levels and set reorder points to replenish stock. It will help you to avoid losing your stock due to expiry.

Multimode Payment Mode

Accept payment in multiple ways. Customers can pay their bills using cash, cheques, debit/credit cards, etc. Cash, Cheques, Debit/Credit card, Wallets, etc.

Cashier & Home Delivery

Connect Cash Drawer with the software that opens on saving every bill.

Import Purchase (Online/Offline)

It saves time and ensures 100% accuracy. You can make import purchases from any Excel or CSV file.

Easy & Fast Billing

Create batch-wise invoices that include detailed information about each business.

Scrap Management

It allows business owners to easily manage their customers' points, which leads to increased business growth.

Points Management

Get all details about 4.5 Lakh Medicines inside Marg ERP. Steady up to 40-50% in sales by searching for alternatives and placing orders with suppliers in the vicinity.

Cloud Backup

Upload data online, and store it directly in Google Drive/One Drive. Access the data anywhere and restore the backup according to your requirements.

SMS/E-Mail (Schedule)

You can easily schedule and send auto SMS/emails regarding outstanding reminders, schemes, etc. Marg ERP allows customers to send SMS/E-Mails to other parties.

Auto-Bank Reconciliation

Auto-Bank reconciliation with 140+ banks, Real-time payments, Advance Payment Scheduling, and Automatic ledger entry.

Business Analysis Reports

Keep your finances in order with powerful 1000's sales, inventory, purchase, and accounting reports.

Own Website

It is time to go digital and transform the way you do business. Marg users can create personalized websites that feature Top Item Promotions, Ordering, and Payment Collection.

GST Billing & Eway Bill

Transmit transactions to the GSTN portal using Excel, JSON, or CSV format. Then file GST returns directly. After registering on GST Portal, generate an E-way bill.

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Invoice Billing Software