Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software

Medicines management requires a lot of components to work. Learn how our software solution works.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software

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Main Features

Check out some of the significant reasons why you should consider our solution.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory, Set the min/max stock levels, and keep your list up-to-date. Marg Pharmacy Software with advanced inventory tracking can help streamline your pharmacy shop.

Medicine Expiration Management

Keep a record of the expired and near expiry products on your shelves. Return the items to the vendor before expiration and save the total loss from expiry.

Prescription Management

Get in touch with customers more by keeping the medical records of the patient's health and accepting prescriptions in paper or electronic format.

Managing Racks

Maintain stock of many items Rack-wise, which helps find out which thing is on which shelf at the time of bill. You can also create reports on the stock in a Rack-wise manner.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive notifications and alerts per the previous history of the customer. Notify customers of appointments, medications or follow-ups, and give the medicine at the right time.

Purchase Management

There is no need to feed your purchases manually. Import bills using Excel, CSV or PDF format. Excel, CSV or PDF format to speed up the process, ensure 100% precision, and compare items and products with items already in.

Re-Ordering Assistance

Be aware of the fast, slow and non-moving products within your shop. Create Re-order points. Create Re-orders according to Stock level, Profit/Sale levels and Calculations.

Substitute Medicine Management

Get more sales by making suggestions for Substitute medicine instead of prescribed ones. The software will identify suitable alternatives with identical Salt Composition & Strength.

Free Medicine Helpline

Get all details about 4.5 Lakh Medicines inside Marg ERP. Steady up to 40-50% in sales by searching for alternatives and placing orders with suppliers in the vicinity.

All-Time Ordering

See stock updates, schemes and rates live in real-time. Place orders online to local suppliers at any time using the Marg eRetail App.

Doctor's Account Management

Create Doctor's and the MR's Commission, Incentives & Company intelligent Sales Reports. Be aware of profit margins and increase sales in line with.

Maintain Family Ledger

Maintain and create the family-friendly ledger consolidated in the form of a Single Ledger Group & serve all family members better.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software