Food & Beverage Industry Software

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Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage Industry Software

You can describe Marg ERP as a GST-compliant inventory and accounting program. It allows you to create invoices quickly, manage your debtors’ finances and reconcile bank transactions, intelligently track the inventory quantity, create thousands of reports and MIS, and even file GST tax returns easily.

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Main Features

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Managing Racks

Maintain stock of many items Rack-wise, which helps find out which thing is on which shelf at the time of bill. You can also create reports on the stock in a Rack-wise manner.

Weighing Management

Select the amount automatically by one button from the weighing machine while you bill on the counter. There is no need to input manually, reducing the chance of making mistakes.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your stock, establish Reorder points, and ensure your inventory is up-to-date. Marg Supermarket Software, with an efficient expiry management system and inventory tracking, can help you streamline the whole Supermarket store.

GST Management

Enjoy simple e-invoicing and GST billing using Marg Supermarket Software. Create E-way bill, GST Returns to file, TCS and TDS directly from the software. Conduct an Internal Audit to ensure 100 100% free of errors in your reports.

Banking & Reconciliation

Enjoy online banking with Marg ERP integrated with ICICI Bank. You can manage all kinds of banking transactions, i.e. NEFT, RTGS etc., including auto-bank reconciliation with more than 140 banks.

Managing Digital Payments

Get all details about 4.5 Lakh Medicines inside Marg ERP. Steady up to 40-50% in sales by searching for alternatives and placing orders with suppliers in the vicinity.

Delivery Management

Don't compromise on the safety of the customer. Provide 100% security assurance with Delivery to your home or QR Code Ordering. Online ordering options and receive digital payments in one click.

Managing Loyalty Points

Shopper loyalty rewards are an integral element of your grocery shopping. Marg Supermarket software comes with optional built-in rewards and discounts. Stay in touch and motivate your customers to shop with you by offering Loyalty Points.

Managing Discount & Scheme

Increase the number of customers you can attract to boost your sales at your retail Supermarket through multiple Discount options like Item Discounts, Bill discounts and Combo Offers, among others.

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Food & Beverage Industry Software