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Pharma distribution is essential. So, it makes to check out how we can help you track everything.

Pharma Distribution

Pharma Distribution Software

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Main Features

Check out some of the significant reasons why you should consider our solution.

Online Orders

Order online from retailers directly from your mobile. Stay connected & manage orders, receive payments, and check outstanding via Marg eRetail & eOrder App.

Digital Payment & Collection

Make it easier to manage your digital collections and payment processes using MargPay, secure payment modes, Bill-by-bill Reconciliation, Same-day Settlements, Business Loans, etc.

Delivery & Shipping

Reduce shipping Costs and Increase Reach. Get your product to your customer promptly with Marg ShipOnClick. We ensure 100% Safety & Security with our trusted delivery partners.

Order Calling

Directly contact your retail customers or customers through the application to take orders, payments and more by scanning the QR code.

Import Purchase Online

Import the sales invoice from the supplier's database and then send it as a purchase in one click in either Excel, CSV or PDF format. You can also map products and items with existing items.

Re-Order Management

Keep track of your outflow of inventory, create product challans, and ensure your inventory is current. Marg Pharma Distribution Software with advanced inventory tracking software helps to streamline warehouses across multiple locations.

Warehouse Management

Be aware of the fast, slow and non-moving products within your shop. Create Re-order points. Create Re-orders according to Stock level, Profit/Sale levels and Calculations.

Rack Management

It is easy to keep track of stock for multiple items by Rack-wise, which allows you to find out which item is on which shelf at the time of bill. It also helps to create reports on the stock in a rack-wise manner.

Expiry Management

Keep a record of the expired and close to expiry items on your shelves. Return the items to the vendor prior to expiry and save all losses due to expiration.

Easy & Fast Billing

Increase the billing speed by up to 40% with quick Searches and Shortcuts. Barcode Scanning. Control all your purchases and sales operations and manage invoices, invoices and more.

Find New Customers on Google Map

Locate nearby retailers using Google Map, Filter DataDate, Route Salesman and Company wise to discover new customers and increase your sales.

Credit Limit Management

Regular customers deserve special privileges. You can delight them by setting a Temporary/Permanent Credit Limit by analyzing their usage, behavior and history of purchases.

MR/ Salesman Commission

Create MR's & Salesman's Commission, Incentives and Retailer-wise Sales Reports. Keep a record of MR and profit margins and boost your sales accordingly.

Purchase & Sale Claim Management

Receive timely reminders and notices of benefits of claims against purchases made. Review the status of your claim pending and take advantage of deals in time to earn more money.

Restricted Drugs Management

Track and maintain purchases of controlled drugs Narcotics, Schedule H and H1. Create and submit reports when and as needed.

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Pharma Distribution