FMCG Distribution Software

Every FMCG company needs an inventory distribution system. So, check out how we can make it work.

FMCG distribution

FMCG Distribution Software

Marg FMCG Software is a GST-ready inventory and accounting software that adds value to companies of over 1 million across 34 countries worldwide and helps to increase profits. Make invoices, and get the best price by comparing nearby suppliers with advanced search capabilities and reports.

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Main Features

Check out some of the significant reasons why you should consider our solution.

Sales Analysis on Google Map

Monitor Your Sales with Google Satellite Map; Filter data by Date, Route, and Company, and Salesman intelligent. Locate potential new Customers & Grow your business.

Auto-Cloud Backup

Upload your data online and store it in Google Drive or One Drive. You can access the data from any location or restore the backup following the need.

Data Security

Copy Protection using directory hard disk Protection the Data Restore password.

Inventory Management

It is a cost-effective method to track near-expiry and expired items. Replenish stock following sensible suggestions.

Cashier Management

Connect the Cash Drawer using the open software upon saving each bill. Attach an electronic weighing machine to the system.

Barcode wise Billing

Unmatched billing speed through Barcode scanning and defining shortcuts using intelligent search options like brand name, category, and more.

Credit Limits Management

You can set customer credit limits and track their outstanding payments. Also, you will receive timely payments.

Dispatch Management

Live tracking of the items starting with the order through delivery in three stages: billing, packaging, and delivery.

Purchase & Sale Claim

Be aware of the advantages of the claim. Check for pending purchase claims and sales claims which are due.

Push Sale

Get alerts and notifications in real-time of expiration dates and dump items to minimize the amount of waste. Make sure you are delivering the right thing to the correct customer.

Collaborative Commerce

Invoice sync via GSTINE-code or GSTIN Import the sales bills from the distributor's system and transfer them as a purchase invoice.

ERP Bridger

It is easy to import and export information from external sources in any format, such as XLS, CSV, & DBF, and many more.

Integrated Banking

Enjoy secure banking using advanced options like Real-time Pay and Payment Scheduling. Auto-Bank reconciliation and more than 140 banks.

API Integration

A Fully managed solution allows users to access a variety of data easily connected to other apps.

GST Filing

Transfer transactions to the GSTN portal using Excel, JSON, or CSV file, and then file your GST returns directly from the Marg portal.

E-Way Bill

You can quickly generate an E-way bill after registering on the GST Portal and upload each and every procedure related to E-Way bills on the Portal itself.


Upload electronically B2B invoices authenticated through the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP). Export invoices, Credit/Debit notes for use on the standard GST portal.

Order Calling

Scanning the QR code reduces the need to enter the customer's number to make calls and receive orders.

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FMCG Distribution Software